Viewpoints: Climate Change

CM Voter Center recently researched statements made by the two Minnesota gubernatorial candidates, Jeff Johnson and Tim Walz. Here are where the candidates stand on the climate change.


What are the candidates' positions on climate change?



Jeff Johnson

There is a big disagreement [among scientists] on how much of a role humans contribute to climate change.
— Jeff Johnson MN Chamber Debate [1]
Jeff Johnson.jpg
Climate change is real, and it’s been happening long before we were around. The “plans” that are out there won’t change anything in the long run. We do things in government because they make us feel good. Current plans would harm people.
— Jeff Johnson Twitter post [2]


Tim Walz

Saying that this is not an issue that needs to be addressed is absolutely catastrophic for the state of Minnesota.
— Tim Walz MN Chamber Debate [3]
Tim Walz.jpg
The Walz Flanagan Administration will reduce carbon emissions in all sectors to fight climate change. Tim and Peggy support reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 and as Governor and Lt. Governor, they will work to make sure that we reduce emissions in all sectors of the economy.
— Tim Walz's website [4]