Viewpoints: Renewable Energy Standard

CM Voter Center recently researched statements made by the two Minnesota gubernatorial candidates, Jeff Johnson and Tim Walz. Here are where the candidates stand on renewable energy standards.


Do the candidates support renewable energy standards that require utilities to generate a percentage of their electricity from renewable sources like wind and solar?



Jeff Johnson:


[Concerning the renewable energy standards signed into law in 2007 by then Governor Pawlenty] Tim Pawlenty and I have many policy differences… But none of our differences matters more to everyday Minnesotans than whether the government should mandate or subsidize certain forms of energy.
— Jeff Johnson Twitter Video [1]
Jeff Johnson.jpg
I have not been a big fan in the past of government putting a thumb on the market, whether it’s with wind or whether it’s with solar...
— Jeff Johnson Farmfest Forum [2]


Tim Walz:


The Walz Flanagan Administration will expand the Renewable Energy Standard to end our dependence on fossil fuels. Minnesota already gets 21% of its energy from renewable sources. And thousands of Minnesotans from all over the state now work in the clean energy economy.
— Tim Walz's Website [3]
Tim Walz.jpg
The path for a stronger economy is for Minnesota to own the clean energy economy. Being a state that leads on this.
— Tim Walz State Fair Debate [4]