Viewpoints: Transportation

CM Voter Center recently researched statements made by the two Minnesota gubernatorial candidates, Jeff Johnson and Tim Walz. Here are where the candidates stand on light rail transportation.


Do the candidates for Governor support investment in light rail transportation?



Jeff Johnson:


The Johnson Administration will put a moratorium on light rail and focus transit money on a first-class bus system.
— Jeff Johnson's Website [1]
Jeff Johnson.jpg
In government, we can’t focus on what’s important. When it comes to transportation, I’m a return on investments guy. We need to know what’s most important. Our current light rail plans require tremendous subsidy. I don’t see the ROI.
— Jeff Johnson Twitter [2]


Tim Walz:


The Walz Flanagan Administration will expand the transit network both in the metro and in rural Minnesota to help take commuters off the road, make less congestion for those who choose to drive, reduce pollution, and save wear and tear on our roads….[we] also support strategic investments in high speed commuter rail, light rail, and bus rapid transit projects.
— Tim Walz's Website [3]
Tim Walz.jpg
Tim and Peggy will increase the gas tax and expand funding for transit and transportation in a way that is fair and equitable.
— Tim Walz's Website [4]