Mission & History


We Inform. You Decide

Volunteers organized the Minnesota League of Conservation Voters in 1984 to make sure that any Minnesotan could easily evaluate the actions of their elected officials in protecting our lakes, our lands, and our way of life. A lot has changed over the last three decades, including our name, but our commitment to being a trustworthy source of information for you and your family remains constant.

Today, CM Voter Center researches public opinion and government actions on conservation issues, providing reliable information to help Minnesotans make decisions that protect the health of our air, water, communities, and families.

Too Important for Partisanship

In Minnesota, our natural resources are vital to our economy, our health, and our quality of life. Being good stewards of our lakes and Great Outdoors is a value that all Minnesotans share, regardless of political party. That’s why our commitment to non-partisanship shows through in every part of our organization.

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