MN 19A

Minnesota house district 19A which includes Nicollet County has an open seat race. Democrat Jeff Brand is running against Republican Kim Spears. CM Voter Center researched both candidates websites for issues related to conservation. Here is what we found:


Jeff Brand

Jeff Brand.jpg

Democratic candidate Jeff Brand made the following statements on the issues related to the environment that he’ll be working on in the legislature:

  • “Developing better guidelines and involving more stakeholders in discussions centered around clean air & water

  • Additional funds to remove invasive species from our waterways, natural areas and preserves

  • Mitigating the effects of climate change

  • Doubling our Renewable Energy Standard (RES)

  • Incentivizing manufacturers and plants to reduce carbon emissions by reducing payroll taxes for compliance

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by increasing State electric vehicles” [1]



Kim Spears

Kim Spears.jpeg

As of October 10, 2018, Republican candidate Kim Spears had not provided a platform on environmental issues according to his website.[2]



We have done our best to represent each candidate in a fair and reasonable way. To learn more, you can visit the candidates’ websites at and