MN 38B

Minnesota house district 38B which includes White Bear Lake, White Bear Township, Hugo, North Oaks and Dellwood has an open seat race. Democratic candidate Ami Wazlawik is running against Republican candidate Patti Anderson. CM Voter Center researched both candidates websites for issues related to conservation. Here is what we found:


Ami Wazlawik

Democratic candidate Ami Wazlawik made the following statements on issues related to the environment:

Ami Wazlawik copy.png
  • “Wonderful local resources such as White Bear Lake, Tamarack Nature Center, and numerous local parks must be protected for their local recreation and environmental benefits. We must do all that we can to ensure that current and future generations of Minnesotans enjoy healthy lives and get to experience the beauty that is the North Star State.

  •  I will support policies that will reduce greenhouse gas admissions and advance the development of community-owned renewable energy. I will support energy and resource conservation efforts, including efforts by local businesses and communities to conserve water.” [1]



Patti Anderson

As of October 10, 2018, Republican candidate Patti Anderson had not provided a platform on environmental issues according to her website.[2]


We have done our best to represent each candidate in a fair and reasonable way. To learn more, you can visit the candidates’ websites at and