MN 57A

Minnesota house district 57A which includes Apple Valley has an open seat race. Democrat Robert Bierman is running against Republican Matt Lundin. CM Voter Center researched both candidates websites for issues related to conservation. Here is what we found:


Robert Bierman

Democratic candidate Robert Bierman made the following statements on the issues related to the environment:


“Some of Minnesota's most precious treasures are our clean air and beautiful lakes. We as Minnesotans value our natural treasures and know we need to preserve and protect them. Protecting our environment helps all Minnesotans. Cleaner air helps combat rising childhood asthma. Reducing emissions help farmers who are facing increasing field flooding. Water pollution ruins the fishing and game-hunting populations that Minnesotan sportsmen enjoy.  And investing in renewable energy creates high quality jobs. Together we can make Minnesota safer and secure our energy independence.

We all agree that pollution, unclear air, and dangerous water, aren't good for anybody. I'll work with people on both sides of the aisle to ensure Minnesotans have common-sense solutions to protect their state.” [1]



Matt Lundin

As of October 30, 2018, Republican candidate Matt Lundin had not provided a platform on environmental issues according to his website.[2]

Lundin Headshot.jpg



We have done our best to represent each candidate in a fair and reasonable way. To learn more, you can visit the candidates’ websites at and