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Minnesota house district 57B includes Apple Valley, Coates, and Rosemount. Republican incumbent Anna Wills is being challenged by Democrat John Huot. CM Voter Center researched voting records and candidate websites for issues related to conservation. Here is what we found:


Anna Wills’ Conservation Voting History

Voted against protecting public drinking water. [1]

Her vote was intended to stop the Minnesota Department of Agriculture from taking decisive action to ensure every Minnesotan has safe drinking water.

Nitrate pollution in public and private wells has been increasing in many parts of the state. Testing found that 537 public wells across Minnesota had elevated levels of nitrate. This has left communities across our state looking for ways to protect drinking water for their schools, businesses, and residents.

[1] The bill, H.F. 2887, can be found here:

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Voted to eliminate the wild rice sulfate standard. [2]

On April 23, 2018, the Minnesota House of Representatives voted to eliminate an important water quality standard designed to protect wild rice from sulfate pollution. As the state’s first ever copper-nickel mine enters the final stages of permitting, eliminating the wild rice sulfate standard could have meant fewer safeguards against water pollution for the Polymet project and future mining proposals near the Boundary Waters.

[2] See House Session Daily Story entitled, “House votes to nullify long-standing wild rice water standard“ at


Voted to limit clean energy job growth and to remove opportunities for the public to participate in significant energy and pollution decisions. [3]

Minnesota has a long history of innovation and citizen engagement. However, during the 2017 legislative session, the Minnesota House of Representatives voted on a bill that would have limited citizen’s involvement in state energy and pollution decisions and could have slowed clean energy job growth across the state. [4]

The bill proposed to:

  • Exempt petroleum pipelines from the public comment and environmental review process at the Public Utilities Commission

  • Politicize the appointment of commissioners to the Public Utilities Commission

  • Prevent local communities from addressing plastic bag litter and pollution

  • Repeal the Made in Minnesota solar program, which created local clean energy job

[3] The Journal of the House reports the vote here (page 4306):

[4] See HF2209/SF1937 as amended, described by House Session Daily here:


john huot’s conservation platform

Democratic candidate John Huot has made the following statements on issues related to conservation:

“Now, more than ever, the Minnesota legislature must step up to protect our natural resources and waterways in the wake of efforts to weaken environmental protections nationally. It will be up to the legislature to ensure clean water, clean air, and safe food. We need to encourage reasonable sustainable sources of renewable energy and ways to conserve our water usage and recover natural sources of water. To move Minnesota forward, we need to continue to cut down carbon emissions and look towards cleaner sources of energy. At the present, we must find safer ways to transport oil and gas. As a member of the Community Advisory Council to Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend Refinery, I already represent our shared interests in protecting the environment and increasing safety.

Preserving Minnesota’s environment and natural resources should be a bipartisan issue, and I am prepared to vote to protect our beautiful state, and more importantly, the health and safety of Minnesotans.” [5]


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