Our Work

Finding Solutions

CM Voter Center advocates for common sense, practical solutions to our state’s most pressing conservation issues. From expanding renewable energy and protecting our lakes from invasive species, to removing toxic chemicals from children’s products and creating jobs through expanded recycling, we bring people together for the long-term health of our families and communities.

Understanding Minnesotans’ Priorities

CM Voter Center conducts research to find out which issues are most important to Minnesotans and how we can engage people from across the state in our work. We know that getting more people involved means better decisions for our future.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

We all want to know if our elected officials are voting our values at the capitol. But with busy lives, it’s difficult for most people to keep track of what happens in St. Paul. CM Voter Center provides grants to support the operation and maintenance of www.CheckMyLegislator.org. This simple tool, developed by Conservation Minnesota, gives Minnesotans access to real-time monitoring of their legislator’s actions on conservation issues.

Transparency & Accountability

At election time CM Voter Center creates transparency and accountability on conservation issues by providing information to voters about candidates’ records and positions.

Putting Principles Into Practice

At Conservation Minnesota Voter Center, it’s our people who make the difference.

We also rely on a talented and growing team of board members and staff who share a commitment to the principle that conservation is not liberal or conservative. Protecting our lakes, lands, and way of life for future generations should not divide us, it should unite us. We work with concerned Minnesotans from every region and political party to find practical solutions that protect our cherished Great Outdoors.