Avery Hildebrand

Avery HildebrandRegional Manager - Southeast Metro

When Avery Hildebrand stepped forward with a resume that contained both political organizing work and a degree in environmental science, he seemed like a natural fit for one of our Regional Manager positions. In this position he works with community leaders, Conservation Minnesota members, and residents in the southeast metro.

Hildebrand earned his degree in Environmental Science and Management from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls. An avid fisherman, who once worked as an aquatic invasive species watercraft inspector, his perfect day in Minnesota includes good friends and fishing, which pairs nicely with his favorite place in the state, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Avery’s favorite place in Minnesota: Interstate State Park

Avery Hildebrand Fun Fact: When he is not looking for fish, Hildebrand is looking for stars. He owns an eight-inch Cassegrain telescope and is a proud member of the Minnesota Astronomical Society.