Jaclyn Urness

Jaclyn UrnessPolitical Director

The pride of Polk County, Jaclyn Urness joined Conservation as Political Director in 2013 following several years spent in Minnesota and around the country working on political campaigns. Her skills and knowledge with citizen engagement, a variety of non-profit and political campaigns, maneuvering within the Federal Government and a desire to leave Washington DC for a chance to move closer to home made the pairing complete. As Political Director, Jaci is charged with working with existing members to get them engaged on Conservation Minnesota’s priority issues as well as identifying and activating new members.

The perfect day, in Jaci’s world, is a trip to the lake for some boating, a long walk and a total lack of any form of electronic gadgetry to ruin the tranquility is a nice bonus.

Jaclyn Urness Fun Fact: As a child, she would line up her stuffed animals and preform concerts as her favorite singer, Bob Segar.