John Anderson

John AndersonRegional Manager - West Metro

John Anderson has a name that screams Minnesotan (despite the fact that he was born in Berkley, California). His resume includes a stint as a census worker that allowed him to learn a great deal about the way people choose to interact with the government. Anderson serves as Regional Manager in the west metro. In this role he works with community leaders and people who want to protect Minnesota’s Great Outdoors throughout the region.

A 2006 graduate of Northwestern University, a day spent riding his bike in Minnehaha Park is his version of perfection, while eating Brussels sprouts is a form of torture he actively avoids. (And I, for one don’t get this. Brussels sprouts are AWESOME. Now, if he had said Lima Beans…)

John Anderson Fun Fact: Drove a rented Peugeot across Bosnia while studying in Croatia in 2003.