Liz Deering

Liz DeeringCommunications Director

Trailing only the executive director in longevity, Liz is the Communications Manager of Conservation Minnesota. Her job is to make sure that everyone is aware of the work of Conservation Minnesota, and most importantly to keep our members informed about the issues that matter to them.

A degree in Environmental studies from the University of Minnesota with an emphasis on planning, policy and law led her to seek out an organization that could utilize her skills and passion for all that makes Minnesota great. And as a new mom, the addition of the Healthy Kids and Family Program further solidifies why Liz is right at home in the Conservation Minnesota family.

Liz’s favorite place in Minnesota: Battle Creek Regional Park

Liz Deering Fun Fact: While nearly everyone has a favorite place in the state, Liz has a favorite tree. Not just a type of tree, she has a favorite individual tree. It is a cottonwood tree in Gooseberry Falls State Park overlooking Lake Superior and the CCC building near where her wedding took place.