Paul Austin

Paul AustinExecutive Director

Born near confluence of the Elk and Kanawha Rivers in West Virginia, serving as the youngest ever mayor of Clinton, Connecticut and then being appointed to a post in the administration of the president with the same name, it would be easy to say that Paul’s voyage to the Executive Director post at Conservation Minnesota was anything but direct. But, like with most people, life’s progressions have brought him to what he frequently describes as his dream job.

With Alaska being the only state he has yet to visit, Minnesota has quickly become the place he knew he needed to put down roots. He recognized early on here that Minnesotans embrace the changing seasons and natural environment, and that fit well with his belief that fresh air and outdoor recreation are the keys to his personal health and happiness. So when offered the opportunity to lead an organization that would help maintain these opportunities for all Minnesotans, he knew it was the place he needed to be.

Paul describes the headwaters of the Mississippi and the top of Lutsen Mountain as two of his favorite places in the state. And for him, a perfect day in Minnesota is plucked directly from the letter H in the dictionary, with it including a combination of a hike, a horseback ride and a great hamburger, preferably with his family (Whom many describe as happy and/or handsome).

Paul Austin Fun Fact: Once gave Darryl Hanna and Jackson Browne a ride from the airport.